Partnering with Exzell Pharma

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Exzell Pharma is the ideal partner for your products for the Canadian and U.S. Markets. We handle each brand with a dedicated team of professionals who take ownership and pride in launching and growing the brand. If you wish to learn more about how we can partner with you, please contact usĀ

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Expertise At Exzell Pharma

The team at Exzell Pharma has expertise in finding innovative products from around the world. Once we have partnered a product, the Exzell Pharma team begins immediately working on:

  • Regulatory Approval

    Submitting and receiving Health Canada Regulatory Approval in a timely manner

  • Public and Private

    Submitting for formulary approval on both Public and Private plans

  • Marketing Strategy

    Initiate a 360 Marketing strategy including engaging Key Opinion Leaders, Direct to Consumer marketing, Digital Media Strategies and distribution of the products across wholesalers and retail outlets