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About Glutagest

Glutagest is a specially formulated probiotic capsule that helps support your digestion of foods that contain gluten. Taking Glutagest before consuming gluten containing foods helps to minimize the symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity

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About Aldesolve

Aldesolve is available over the counter and is used to help remove carcinogenic acetaldehyde from your stomach. Acetaldehyde is caused by smoking, drinking alcohol, having certain foods and taking medications such as antacids that cause your stomach to have a low acid content

Aldesolve Capsules

  • Aldesolve removes acetaldehyde a known carcinogen (a substance that causes cancer) from your gastrointestinal tract

  • Protects the stomach, especially if you are suffering from an anacidic (low or no-acid) stomach or taking antacid medicines

  • Effectively removes acetaldehyde when taken during meals and alcohol consumption

Aldesolve capsules contain L-cysteine, which is a natural amino acid that binds acetaldehyde from saliva and forms a harmless compound that can be excreted from the body

Reduce your acetaldehyde exposure

  • Reduce alcohol intake. Acetaldehyde is the main metabolite of alcohol and is present as a by-product of the manufacturing process. The microbes in our gut break down alcohol into acetaldehyde and then releases it into our saliva and gastric juices leading to higher exposure of acetaldehyde.

  • Reduce intake of certain foods that already contain acetaldehyde such as foods with flavouring containing acetaldehyde, fruit juices, sweet desserts, dairy products, vinegar, and soy sauce

  • Reduce chewing or smoking tobacco

If you can’t reduce your exposure than help reduce the effects of consuming these products by taking Aldesolve before drinking or eating these high risk foods